With our vineyards in Collalto and Crevada

The southern zone, known as “Susegana - Collalto” in the book “I Terroirs della Denominazione Conegliano Valdobbiadene, Studio sull’origine della qualità”, includes the hills located in the southern part of the appellation and its soils are characterized by clay and limestone.
Here, BiancaVigna has two vineyards for a total of 3.85 Ha (9.51 acres) with Sylvoz training system.


Total area: 2940 Ha (7265 acres)
Area of vineyards: 789 Ha (1949 acres)
BiancaVigna vineyards: 3.85 Ha (9.51 acres)


The area consists of more or less accentuated slopes affecting all four sides in an orderly succession given by the almost circular shape of the whole area. The altitudes don’t exceed 200 m a.s.l. giving a very sweet orography system. The landscape is characterized by a high biodiversity enriched by the cultivation of the olive trees and the presence of meadows.


The ripening period is supported by mild temperatures with a reduced amount of rain that, from August to October, is of 70 mm below the average of the entire appellation. The temperature range is normal. Overall, it is a rather dry zone with, sometimes, high temperatures.


It is an area with a medium precocity, because of the higher autumn temperatures. In fact, the harvest in this area, together with the one in Ogliano, is the first of the appellation.


The depth suitable to develop the roots is very high; the soil is mainly clayey / calcareous with a good water drainage: the permeability is moderately low as well as the water drainage of the soil. In fact, this area is one of those where water stress does not occur very frequently. Since the rainfalls are lower than the average, the soil’s structure and the depth ensure the water needs of the vines.




The Glera grape in this area best expresses its finesse and intensity and the softness of its structure. Remarkable the presence of notes of sage and spices in young wines and of ripe fruit after some months of aging; mineral note always recognizable.