with our vineyards in San Gallo, Soligo and Fornaci


The central-western zone of the appellation D.O.C.G. Conegliano Valdobbiadene, known as “Col San Martino area” in the book “I Terroirs della Denominazione Conegliano Valdobbiadene, Studio sull’origine della qualità”, includes the hills from Vittorio Veneto (North-East) to Vidor (North-West) with an East-West exposure and its soils are characterized by clay and limestone.
BiancaVigna owns few hectares in Soligo, one of which in San Gallo at an altitude of 380 metres (1246 ft) where the grapes for the prestigious Rive di Soligo come from.


Total area: 3208 Ha (7927 acres)
Area of vineyards: 590 Ha (1458 acres)
BiancaVigna vineyards: 3.33 Ha (8.2 acres)


This zone is characterized by steep and straight slopes (may exceed 60-70%), with a height ranging from 150 m to 450 m a.s.l. These hills are characterized not only by the strong inclination of the slopes but also by the thickness of the soil suitable to develop the vine roots.


Average temperatures barely exceed 18 °C (64 °F). The months of April, September and October are affected by higher diurnal maximum values compared to other areas. This means that the inclination of the slopes permits the maximum interception of solar radiation when the inclination of the rays is oblique, with the result of milder springs and autumns. The area is never affected by spring frosts. The amount of precipitation is higher than the rest of the eastern zone and equal to 850 mm from April to October.


The perfect southern exposure gives an early bud break compared to other areas with the same altitude but different exposure.


The depth suitable to develop the roots proves to be high to moderately high; the soil type is clay / limestone and calcareous rocky. The internal drainage is from good to mediocre and with a low permeability. Lastly, the water drainage of the soils is moderate, in fact, especially in the month of August, the lack of precipitation can cause states of suffering for the plant.



The Glera grape in this area underlines elegant and fine aromas along with good intensity and pleasantness. The aromatic profile of these wines is characterized by aromas of peach and flowers alongside with the most typical note of green apple. Wines are remarkably fine on the nose.