with our Monticella vineyard


The central-eastern zone, known as “Conegliano-Feletti” in the book “I Terroirs della Denominazione Conegliano Valdobbiadene, Studio sull’origine della qualità”, is characterized by rolling hills stretched in the eastern side of the appellation with a North-South exposure where the heart is Conegliano. Its soil is mostly clay and limestone and here BiancaVigna owns 10 hectares within the hill of Monticella overlooking the town of Conegliano.


Total area: 4380 Ha (10823 acres)
Area of vineyards: 1595 Ha (3941 acres)
BiancaVigna vineyards: 10.2 Ha (25.20 acres)


This area is characterized by rolling hills with a North-South exposure. Its altitude varies from 60/70 metres (196/229 feet) up to 270 (885 feet) in San Pietro di Feletto. Slopes are never extreme and only rarely exceed 40-50%. Vineyards are planted in the sunny sides of the hills whereas woods are prevalent in the Northern slopes..


The average temperature from April to October is 17,9 °C (64,22 °F).
In September, the maximum daily and nightly temperatures are cooler than August and also the night and day temperature variation is less significant. In this area, the average amount of precipitations is of 40mm less than the whole eastern area and August and September register the higher difference between the two sub-zones. However, the soil is not affected, on the contrary these conditions well match with the soil texture and depth.


The budding cycle takes place in March, at the beginning of April at the latest. Flowering in the first half of June and veraison in the first half of August.


Vines benefit of a considerable depth to develop their roots. The soils is mostly clayey-calcareous and limestone-clayey. It has a good water drainage and it’s slightly permeable. Vineyards in this area are rarely affected by water stress.



Glera is the main grape varietal and characterizes the wines with its aromatic profile and its balanced and pleasant taste. Easily recognizable by hints of apple, spices and sometimes of green notes. The soil structure gives to the wines a remarkable balance and a very distinctive connection with its terroir. This makes the wines unique and much appreciated.